St. Francis Xavier Forane Church situated at Velur is more than three hundred year old. Velur had  merited a very important position in the Archdiocese of Thrissur as well as the entire church in Kerala not only because of the historicity of the church but also thanks to the legacy and heritage of Arnose Padiri who was a multifaceted versatile genius of all times. Velur which is one of the ancient parishes of the Archdiocese of Thrissur, located 20km north of Thrissur Town, belongs to Thalappilly Thaluk of Thrissur District, is a village endowed with bewitching greenery.

With regard to the name of the place there are different traditions ie. land of ‘uru’ (place), ‘uru’ of Vela, ‘uru’ of Velur ect. Anyway Velur blessed by the church of St. Francis Xavier, Manimalarkavu temple and the temple at Kodasserykunnu has a noteworthy past history of its own to its credits. The importance of this landscape is augmented by the fact that it has witnessed to the ‘Breast Clothing Rebellion’ (marumarackal samaram of …..).


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