At present Arnos Church and adjacent buildings are protected monuments under the department of archeology. Since the government has made this declaration as early as 1995, the Arnos Padiri protection project was submitted to government in 2016. The government approved of this project in principle. Accordingly the government has allotted five cores of rupees in the 2018-19 budget for the successful implementation of the ‘Pilgrimage- Tourism Plan’ including the old church at Velur and Arnos Bhavanam. The government came forward with this plan in the response to the various demands and discussions from the Arnos Samrakshana Samiti functioning in the parish.


The government of Kerala by means of a special gazette notification declared on 23rd May 1995, that the church at Velur and Arnos Bhavanam are protected Archeological Monuments memorials. This gave rise to various protests from among the parishioners. In the wake of these unexpected developments, Mar Joseph Kundukkulam sent an unusual circular to the parish priest and the parishioners of Velur in which he categorically stated that the archdiocese declares Velur church and Arnos Bhavanam as historical monuments. It also informed the people that the archdiocese has already initiated steps to see that the governments withdraws its order/ the bishop also made it clear that the duty and right of protecting the historical monuments at Velur are primarily that of the Velur Forane Church. However in spite of all these the department of archaeology did not withdraw its order.

Almost one decade elapsed and nothing happened. During 2003-04, under the leadership of Mr. K.V. Thomas, the Hon. Minister for Tourism, some renovation works were done in the church through the agency of the Dept. of Tourism. The documents prove that the then government spent 11.75 lakhs of rupees for this and that without any conditions. After these imperfect renovation attempts, similar works were done to strengthen and beautify the Nadappura’ and the same was blessed by Archbishop Mar. Jacob Thoomkuzhy. Later in the year 2017 the government spent 15 lakhs of rupees for the renovation of the Arnose Bhavanam and rock brick stone were laid in the courtyard.

In 2011 the forane church successfully logged in endeavors to build a new church preserving the old one without any prejudice to its status- quo. It took three years to complete the construction of the new church which was solemnly consecrated/ blessed on 4th May 2014. On every Thursday there is Holy Mass in the Arnos Church and full day adoration in the chapel of the Arnos Church. On the first Thursday of every month there will be retreat preaching and other prayer services in the evening. On Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter the liturgy begins in the old church and the congregation later goes to the new one in procession. On all other days regular rites and rituals are administered in the new church.